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Rehabilitation Services

The Rafael welcomes individuals requiring rehabilitation services, supervision, and nursing care. Our staff specializes in providing aid for residents with dementia, chronic depression, and many conditions requiring behavioral interventions and management.

We offer a full range of rehabilitative services, as well as maintenance programs, including:

Respite Care (Short term nursing)
Long term skilled nursing and custodial care

Therapuetic Services:
Physical therapy
Occupational therapy
Speech therapy

Diet, Recreation, Personal Services:
High quality dietary programs with an emphasis on individual taste
On and Off Campus daily activities and recreation
Beauty Services

Respite Care:

Respite, or short-term care, usually means a stay of two weeks or less and is tailored to the needs of those with disabilities, or other special needs, such as recuperating from an injury, or managing chronic or terminal illnesses.

Respite Care is also an import tool for the family caregiver. It provides an opportunity to manage other business and conflicting needs, while your loved one is provided excellent care in a safe, constantly supervised environment.

Long-term skilled nursing and custodial care:

Though many people may fear leaving their home and moving into a skilled nursing facility, many of our clients improve enough to return to independent living.

Skilled Care can include the following: providing medications and monitoring of vital signs and the effects of medications, administration of intravenous fluids, tube feeding, and wound care and dressing changes.


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