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Physical, Speech, Occupational Therapy

The Rafael offers extensive rehabilitation services for both our long and short-term residents. We have highly acclaimed programs that are known for returning more people to the community faster than most comparable programs across the state. Therapies include:

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy Services:

The Physical Therapy Department of The Rafael offers various services and modalities for maintaining the physical health and mobility of our residents. We hold some of the best ratings in the state for our ability to quickly return patients to the community.

We offer a full range of rehabilitative services for patients recovering from hip and knee surguries, as well as from strokes and heart attacks. We specialize in cutting edge techniques in both our maintenance and rehab programs, all carried out in a state-of-art facility.

Private Group Maintenance
Residents with all levels of ability can be considered for Private Group Maintenance. This program is a great fitness regime and provides active resistance training with weights and numerous other exercises tailored to the skill level of the group.

Private One-on-one Maintenance
This program is designed for residents requiring one-on-one assistance from a physical therapist. This program is typically for the person who has special needs or is working on specific aspects of functional mobility. Special needs can include moderate dementia or cognitive deficits, and musculoskeletal or neurological limitations.

Occupational Therapy Services:

The Rafael Assistance with Living helps people get back to the business of living. And our Occupational Therapy programs are an important component of that rehabilitation.

Once a stroke, heart attack, or dehabilitating disease strikes, the simplest things can become the most complex. Occupational therapy helps individuals regain or improve upon skills that are necessary for the basic functions of life.

When the ability to brush your teeth and cut your food becomes diminished, our occupational therapy programs help you retrain a confused body.

Speech Therapy Services:

The Rafael's team of Speech therapists aims to help patients relearn how to use their mouth and throat with a full compliment of speech therapy programs.

The ability to communicate is a vital part of living. The Rafael Assistance with Living's Speech Therapy Services target to facilitate not only the verbal communication abilities of our residents, but how to eat, drink, and swallow unassisted.



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