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Complete Eldercare Planner:
Where To Start, Questions To Ask, and How To Find Help

(2nd ed.) New York, NY: Hyperion. 2000. 273 p. Available from local and online book dealers. PRICE: $19.95. ISBN: 0812932781.

This handbook is intended to help family members provide better care for their aging parents and other older relatives through effective planning.

It offers guidance on:

  • getting organized and locating resources,
  • determining when an older relative needs help,
  • talking about sensitive subjects,
  • sharing the care,
  • preparing for emergencies,
  • handling financial and legal matters,
  • ensuring that the older relative has adequate insurance,
  • determining the best housing option,
  • ensuring the older relative's safety and security from a distance,
  • encouraging a more healthy lifestyle,
  • communicating with doctors,
  • and getting an impaired older person to stop driving.

It also includes suggestions for handling caregiver stress and preventing burnout, maintaining a high quality of life, and planning for the loved one's death. Each chapter includes a step-by-step planning guide, a list of low-cost and free resources, and an action checklist to help chart progress. A documents locator is included, which is a fill-in-the-blank list of legal documents, property titles, family medical histories, financial records, and other important papers. This book includes lists of organizations and Web sites for additional information.


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